Welcome! I'm Paula.

family + senior portrait photographer based in South Jersey.

Over the last nine years I have been so lucky to be photographing families and senior portraits all over the beautiful garden state!

I strive to capture every detail and create new memories during each session, bringing natural smiles to life and highlighting the most precious details in your session that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime to come. 

Creating treasured moments to last several lifetimes is truly how you leave a lasting legacy in your family history and I will make that happen while adding beautiful artistic pieces inside your home. 

I am so happy you're interested in having me capture your family or senior portraits! I want to make sure you and your family have the best possible experience with my team and I and that we are a good fit for your photography needs as every photographer offers a different experience and different packages.

I know it may look like a lot of questions and you may ask yourself "why do I need to fill all this information out?"

Well because not only are all these questions important but they save time! If you just email me "hi, we want a photoshoot, what are your prices even though I was on your website and they're listed on the investment page" to which I then would reply "Hi (your name here) well what kind of session are you looking for and how many people will be in the photos?"

Then we go back and forth for a few days until you book with the rest of the questions of where, what time, what location/area, and every detail in between!

So trust me they are important! Please take a few moments to fill out this contact form to get in touch with me so we can have a better understanding of what you're looking for exactly and better assist you.

We will contact you within 12-24 business hours!

We are open daily from noon to five pm!

What books, movies, songs, cartoon characters, or toys are your children’s favorites? Are there any special needs/personality characteristics that I should know about?

This way we know who is who during the session and don't get anyone mixed up! :)

"I feel so thankful everyday to have the opportunity to do what I love through serving and loving my clients. While photography is something that I love and adore my heart will always lie in creating lasting relationships with my clients."