How long does it take to get our gallery?

At the end of your session we will set up a gallery viewing appointment. This is where you will view your entire gallery of all the final edited images and order any products you may wish to purchase. Your entire gallery will be complete and viewed 2-4 weeks after your session date.

Most are edited sooner but it all does depend on how busy we are! If you live out of state or far away from our serviced area, we will set up a online proof gallery that will only be active for 24 hours that you will be able to view on your computer and phone, you will than be able to view all proof images and pick out your favorites.

When will our wall art arrive?

We will hand deliver your wall art products to your home 6-8 weeks after your order has been placed. Time frame may be extend to 9-10 weeks if you order more than fifteen products. Our printing company is based in the United States however they do not rush through creating your wall art products so it does take a few weeks to get them created, shipped out to us and delivered to your home!

Why don't you provide RAW files?

These images have been fully retouched (blemish removal, skin smoothing, color enhanced, etc.) and are ready for the world to see. I only release fully edited images. Not only to protect my brand, but to also ensure you are receiving a fully-finished portrait. After all that is what brought you to us in the first place! Also - unless you have the current up to date editing software, your RAW images won't open on any computer without the editing software.

How far in advance should I book my session?

At least two months in advance in the summer & fall time. At least one month in advance in the spring.

What payments do you accept?

At this time we accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover Credit & Debt Cards. Invoices will be sent via our website to your email where you can complete your payment securely.

Do you have a travel fee?

We charge a travel fee for any session that takes twenty miles outside of our office in Mays Landing, NJ. The cost is $1 per mile driven each way. Anything within ten miles each way of our office will not have a travel fee. Travel fees will be invoiced one week prior to the session.

Can I request specific photos to be taken?

Of course! If you have certain images you would like re-reacted, new ones you would like to try out or even any poses you haven't been photographed in that you would like to have captured, please us know before your session so we can pose you properly and create those images for you.

Where will our session be?

We travel all over New Jersey so your session can be held at location in the state. If you are an out of state client or wish to have your session out of state we do charge a travel free of course it depends on how far away the location is from our studio in Mays Landing, New Jersey as well as how many hours it will take us to travel back and forth along with how we will be traveling. If the location of your session requires a permit, the client is in charge of purchasing that permit for the session.

Can we bring our pets for the session?

Of course, pets are apart of the family! We only ask that if this in a public location and if you have an exotic animal that you check with the town first if your animal is allowed or if a permit is required. Please keep all animals on a leash at all times.

How many people can be in our session?

You can include anyone you would like in your family portraits, however after 4 people we charge $25 an extra person photographed during the session. For senior portraits, we only allow the senior.

What should we bring?

We ask you to always bring some water and snacks for you and your family, ladies always bring an extra makeup or wipes in case your makeup gets smudged along with an extra outfit change of course, comfy shoes since we'll be walking around from one spot to the next plus any props that you would like to include in your session!

What should we do to prepare for our session?

We will plan out your session a few weeks-months (depending on when you book your session and for what date you'd like to have it on) in advance and all you have to do is find an outfit to wear and make sure to arrive to your session about 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session time.

If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at?

At this time we do not have a studio to shoot at only because we are a team of natural light photographers which means all of our sessions no matter if it’s in home session or outdoors are photographed using natural light only. If it rains on the day of your session, we will of course re-schedule to another date within the next few weeks if possible.

How do we secure our session?

Once a date, time and location is confirmed, you will get an invoice and contract via email to sign. Both are due within 24 hours of being sent. If you would like to do a custom payment plan, please let us know prior.

Will these be images posted online?

Yes, a few images taken from your session may end up on our social media accounts, our website and our blog as well as any marketing materials we may use in the future. If you wish to not have your images online, used in marketing materials and AD's, there is a fee, you would not like published and the reason why is because it is losing us potential clients and showcasing our art.

What if we get sick the day of the shoot?

If you or someone in your family is sick 24 hours prior to your start session time, please let us know ASAP. If time is passed after 24 hours and you have to cancel or reschedule your session, you will lose your session reservation, which means the date, time and location will open up for another client. In our contract it states that you have up to 24 hours to cancel or re-schedule your session for another date without being charged a cancelation & rescheduling fee.

If it turns out that I am the one that is ill, I will let you know 24 hours in advance, you have the option of re-scheduling your session for another day and time, your full payment is non-refundable but it is transferable and sessions can not be cancelled.

How will we pose?

You don't have to worry about posing yourself, we are trained in posing everything from seniors to families to children. We will pose you in the most relaxing and beautiful way possible! My team and I want to make sure that while we do get a few posed images, we want you to have fun, be yourselves and let us capture your families as they are. Those are the best memories to have!

What if my kids act up at the session and we can't get any good photos?

We love children and always make sure for the kids to have a fun time and feel comfortable in front of the camera and our team of course! However if they aren't feeling up for it, per our contract we require cheerful cooperation from both sides of the parties. We have no problem taking a 5 minute break for the kids to take a breather, but it depends on them on how they act. This isn’t something we can reschedule for.

Is there an extra fee for creative edits?

The style of our images are very clean, crisp and timeless. We try not to over do it with any crazy editing as it is simply not us, however if you wish to put in a request for a creative edit for your own gallery, we will let you know if we are able to accept your creative edit request and provide you with a rate for it!

What should we wear?

Once your session is booked you will receive a welcome packet in the mail or email with a styling guide to help you plan your outfits for your session, we go over all color schemes that go together for both spring/summer and fall portraits with visuals designs.

How much do portrait sessions end up costing?

This is up to you, unlike many photographers we do not hide any fees from you. Everything is listed on our website, FAQ page and our contract. You pick out what session package you would like & the products you’re interested in from digital collections, albums and canvases. You are not obligated to purchase any more digitals, or wall art products but everything is listed with the sizes, materials and different coloring options/framing options in your own customized store.

From the session fee to viewing all images in the gallery most clients spend anywhere from $1800+ on their wall art products, however it does depend on what you're looking for at the end as everyone wants something different.

What days are you open?

We are only doing portrait sessions on the weekends anytime from 10 am to 5 pm.

Our office is open daily from noon to five pm.

We are closed on the following days yearly:

January 1st-9th. February 14-15 & 21st. March 31st. May 27-31st. July 1st-6th. September 9th-11th.

If you are looking to book a session on a holiday, we are open for bookings on the following:

New Years Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. All other holidays we are closed.

Any type of portraits taken on the holidays listed above will have a custom rate of $600 per hour. The digital image amount, stays the same depending on the package you are purchasing.

NJ Sales Tax, Travel Fees and any digital, wall art or print products are not included in this investment.

Will your logo be on all the photos/prints?

We put our logo on all images because we have had many people steal our images and use them as their own in the past, this ensures that this work is created by Paula Faerman Photography only, we own all copyright to all images. Yes our logo will be on all of your digital images and not on the prints or any wall art products as they will be going to your home and can’t be re-reacted or copied.

What are the other fees or taxes that will be charged?

Clients are in charge of purchasing parking for their location, any permits that the location might require, if they wish to purchase additional time to their session, any creative edits or re-edits, as well as rescheduling or cancelling 24 hours before their session. We do charge NJ Sales Tax on all sessions & products that you purchase.